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Life, Death, & Disintegration

by Timbre Ghost

You're not alone. This is the fundamental truth that pervades Life, Death, & Disintegration.

Fitting then, that the album sees songwriter Dustin Tessier joined by a cast of musicians from across the Minnesota scene, including Chris Bierden of Poliça, Alan Sparhawk of Low, Mary Bue, Al Church, Joe Gamble, & Wayne Sayres.

At its core, this album is about seeking connections with people, but it’s also about the times in life when those connections seem impossible—when every thought is both a calculation of distance between oneself and others and an admission of failure to bridge the gap.
Musically, Life, Death, & Disintegration represents a further refinement of the Americana-influenced rock sound of Timbre Ghost’s first EP, The Ledger. The album flows smoothly, augmented by psychedelic interludes that tie the songs together thematically.

As with the earlier EP, Tessier sings and plays nearly all instruments, with Bierden laying down bass tracks for every song, and guests handling backup vocals, piano, and saxophone.

Recorded and mixed by Neil Weir at Blue Bell Knoll Studios, and mastered at Microphonic by Bruce Templeton, the album is perfectly suited to the LP format.

Timbre Ghost is the musical art written, performed, and produced by Dustin Tessier. It is the culmination of years of winding thoughts and experiences into songs for the heavy-hearted, the joyful, and the content.

- Ben Zientara

ARTIST: Timbre Ghost
TITLE: Life, Death, & Disintegration
RELEASE DATE: 11/16/2018
GENRE: Rock/Americana
FORMAT: LP/Digital/Streaming
RECORD LABEL: Self-Released
CATALOG #: TG-0102

1. LayLow
2. Alone
3. Pay No Mind
4. Frost
5. This Year
6. Coming Down
7. Melody
8. Empty Sky

Released November 16, 2018

Produced by Dustin Tessier
Additional Production by Neil Weir

The Cast:
Dustin Tessier – Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizers, Electric Piano, Percussion, Etc.
Chris Bierden – Bass 1-6, 8
Alan Sparhawk – Vocals 5
Mary Bue – Vocals, Piano 2
Al Church – Vocals 1
Joe Gamble – Vocals 1
Wayne Sayres – Saxophone 5

Music and Lyrics: Dustin Tessier
© 2018 Timbre Ghost
All Rights Reserved

Recorded, Engineered, & Mixed by Neil Weir @ Blue Bell Knoll Studios Minneapolis, MN

Additional Recording by Dustin Tessier @ Tim Ghost Studios Minneapolis, MN

Mastered by Bruce Templeton @ Microphonic Mastering Minneapolis, MN

Vinyl mastering by Bruce Templeton @ Microphonic Mastering Minneapolis, MN
Levi Seitz @ Black Belt Mastering Seattle, WA

Cover Photo by Hans Johnson @ Hans Johnson Studios Boston, MA

Layout and Design by Joe Gamble @ Back Pain Studios Minneapolis, MN

Drum tuning and tracking session blessings by JT Bates

Sincerest gratitude to everyone involved in the making of this record, and to every single person who has offered support, encouragement, love, and sacrifice in the name of Timbre Ghost. Thank you for sharing your limitless talents. I believe in you.

This record was conceived upon a foundation of love. This record was made possible by the outright generosity and kindness of a number of very special people. This record is for you… for love.

All songs by Dustin Tessier © 2018 Timbre Ghost, ASCAP


all rights reserved